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Managed Information Technology Consultant

“Managed IT Services”: a proactive approach to business computer networks designed to achieve maximum up time and prevent problems. The main benefits are significantly less downtown and predictable IT costs compared to traditional “break/fix” where you wait until you have a problem and have your employees be unproductive while the system is repaired and you worry about the bill.

Remote Monitor & Manage

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Manage, secure and improve all things IT. IT professionals are faced with more threats to their networks and more business pressure than ever before. Today, you’re responsible for not just managing the network, but also reining in IT inefficiencies, preventing data breaches and more widespread infrastructure threats, conducting regular compliance audits and…READ MORE

Disaster Recovery

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An IT disaster can strike at any time so preparation is key. An effective backup and recovery solution is critical to protect your customers and ensure business continuity. Backup & Recovery is business class protection of your customers’ servers and workstations, fully integrated with your RMM dashboard. It allows you to back up and recover at a file-, application-, or systems level – for both physical and virtual…READ MORE

Endpoint Protection

Network SecurityBLOCK ALL VIRUSES, BOTH OLD AND NEW Protecting your system against viruses is like dealing with a moving target. Once an antivirus program knows how to block known malware, suddenly a new, unknown threat appears to potentially infect your workstations and servers. Managed Antivirus can help your system proactively stay ahead of all malware threats, both known and emerging…READ MORE

Patch Management

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Part of the job of keeping your network safe is to diligently and regularly apply patches to all of the software that interacts with your IT environment. If you manage many workstations and servers, patch management can quickly get very complex – and possibly expose your system to sluggish performance and serious security risks. Streamline patch management…READ MORE

This is by no means an exhaustive comprehensive list. Prior to proposing a new agreement, an extensive needs assessment will be conducted with a network specialist. Additional services will be added to each agreement as needed.